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Paul Braun

Doctor of Chiropractic, Actor

“As I seek to exist in a more mindful, conscious, and peaceful state, I've observed many obstacles along the way. I've also found it a challenge to identify how I best function day-to-day in personal and professional interactions without questioning myself. Last but not least, I've struggled to figure out what I truly want out of life - not what I am told I should want - but what I truly want and what best fulfills me.

My experience was that I could get so far on my own, but time and time again I would become frustrated by falling back into old patterns and habits of thought and behavior.

No different from learning a new skill, I believe there is a point where expert help and guidance is necessary for true and lasting progress. Ahram was able to shine a light on aspects of me as a person that I wasn't even aware of, yet experience all the time, and could actually utilize as strengths every day.

Ahram concisely put into words how the feelings and sensations that I experience during certain types of interactions are connected to my innate and natural tendencies as a human being. Instead of wondering why I would feel a certain way, he explained how to use my feelings to aim at my higher goals and be my best self. He showed how to think with my body instead of my mind. He also helped me make peace with and let go of parts of myself that I carried from my past, that do not serve my higher self or who I want to become.”


Donna Saffren

Montessori School Founder

“Ahram is a wise poet and Human Design master that can help you navigate the deepening refinement of not only knowing yourself, but having compassion and understanding for yourself as you emerge more and more into the authentic. I felt his complete love and presence for my being, support for my optimal growth, and my human development. He can help.”


Alexa Silvaggio

Writer, Yogi, Entrepreneur, Podcast Host

“No one gives us a manual for life... but I will say that the tools that Ahram offers through Human Design are the next best thing. It’s all about awareness and clarity, and Ahram’s delivery is like none other. Book him, while you still can.”


Dr. Ryan Greene

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine at Monarch Athletic Club

"Human Design with Ahram was a thorough unveiling of components of my personality and sub-conscious design that allowed a better understanding of how I function and why I participate in patterns of behavior or perceive situations the way I do.

It was incredibly accurate as well as helpful to better describe why I do things in a particular manner that allowed for better understanding of how I should engage in all components of my life moving forward.

Ahram was excellent at explaining the myriad of components associated with Human Design and it has continued to resonate with me daily since we sat down.

Sessions are about 90 minutes and Ahram provides a detailed description in print of everything discussed.”


Kristi Slager Salerno

Body Wisdom Guide

“Ahram has many spiritual gifts, but it is the way he is able to deliver those gifts through his profoundly deep understanding of Human Design that really sets him apart. With Ahram, you don’t just get a HD expert— you get a mystic that speaks the language of Human Design— and he uses it as a key to help you unlock your innermost truths.

My experience with Ahram has been truly magical. His proficiency at guiding me through my Human Design chart helped open the door to a new level of understanding of myself and my life-path, as well as helping me to find a deeper compassion for why I am the way I am— which has led to transformational self-acceptance and self-love. These are gifts that have no price. I am so grateful life brought me this gentle yet powerful spirit guide.”