ahram arya

Strategy is what you do differently. Creating what you want for yourself, your team, and your business starts with a bold ASK and bolder WHY.


Strategy Consulting

decode the strategy of manifestation for yourself and your team


We put you in touch with the part of you that you’ve always known to be correct. It will be quite familiar to you because it is the flow state of perfected awareness and action. What if this way of being was available to you all the time?


Intuitive Coaching

Unlock THE SECRETS OF being yourself to create what you want


All pain and resistance in your life comes from desperately trying to be what you are not. We unlock the GENIUS hidden inside of you so that you can unlock success. The real you has been right here the whole time.

Human Design

It starts with you - Experience The most powerful tool available to know yourself


We demystify mysticism, elevating your consciousness to your highest potential.


About Ahram


Ahram is a strategy consultant, intuitive coach, and Human Design expert attuned to inspire your higher purpose and unlock your power of manifestation.

He draws on 20 years of experience as a storyteller, creative director, and industrial designer with top brands including Nike. “I’m the guy up at the whiteboard with a track record of bringing people together and creating solutions for teams and stakeholders through collective vision.”

Ahram holds degrees from Tufts University in Engineering Psychology and Academy of Art University in Industrial Design. He is passionate about Men's Work and esoteric sciences.