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In 1987 on an island off the coast of Spain, Alan Krakower had an encounter with an entity he called “The Voice”. It was a grueling ordeal that lasted eight days and nights. He soon changed his name to Ra Uru Hu and began to share the information that was “channeled” to him during the experience. This information was the Human Design System, a vast source of knowledge detailing the function of our very existence.

Hold on. Channeled from an entity? The phenomenon of channeling information through mediumship, that is, communicating directly with spirits from the heavens, has appeared through all of history, yet simultaneously it has always been debunked as hocus-pocus nonsense.

Our culture may have recognized the benefits of yoga or meditation, but are we ready to legitimize information channeled from other worldly entities or higher beings? Maybe not. Yet throughout history, enlightened people, those we call saints, mystics and even scientists, have claimed to have received quantum leaps of insight from…

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Savage Lifecast with Alexa Silvaggio

This is one of my favorite podcasts to date, we dug deep and went for the light right away and on the fly. Ahram Arya is a spiritual teacher, Human Design specialist, and transformational coach. Yep, all of that.

Ascending on his own spiritual path was dangerous work. As for many of you, it was destabilizing and traumatic. He was poisoned by toxic mold for 7 years and was stripped of all his possessions, his marriage, his jobs, and mind. The most frightening idea he had to come to accept was that all this pain was part of a plan. The universe had taken everything from him so that he would leave behind all that was not him. And then he knew that this journey had simply been a training for his awakening.

Ahram’s higher purpose is to guide his fellow humans to transform with the potential of our higher selves. Spirituality is not a mystery. It is higher dimensional consciousness. And with that, he is dedicated to walking this path as a Spiritual Warrior to awaken your very own Art of Intuition.

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